For privacy reasons, I am unable to display any photos or illustrations of this work. Please contact Christine for further information on Christine's contribution to this magnificent project.


Sugarloaf Farm, Kangaloon, NSW 1989 –2006

Located in the Southern Highlands, Sugarloaf Farm is a unique property owned by a prominent Sydney businessman with a passion for trees and gardens. This stunning site, allowing views over lush distant hills, is dominated by Riley’s Sugarloaf, a residual landscape feature. The garden is flanked by remnant rainforest and native forests, and located on a steep site with rich volcanic soils.

The slopes of the site were initially manipulated to form generous level areas and terraces. The plans, laid out by Christine, consisted of a tennis court, croquet lawn, rose garden, parterre + pear walkway, together with strolling walkways following the contours around the residence, consisting of themed planting beds + turfed walkways.

The garden has been extensively planted with exotic trees in a parkland style including areas such as a deciduous lawn, conifer arboretum and woodland area. These areas are dramatic with seasonal colour and atmospheric changes such as fog and frost. Extensive bands of local native species have also been installed to the perimeter garden areas including the rainforest garden area and other swathes of native forest species to the entry loop.

Christine’s involvement remains at producing design concepts + advice. Recently she completed a 1:250 watercolour plan of the garden and hopes to begin cataloguing all the trees (over 300) + shrubs on site. Recent works by the client and landscape manager include a snake style wall, vineyard, bog garden + rationalising planting beds. New works for 2006 include a water feature.